Powder App Community Guidelines

We want the Powder community to be safe and friendly for everyone! Please review these Community Guidelines (‘Guidelines’), which are governed by our Terms and Conditions. Whenever you are using our platform and services you agree to abide by these guidelines at all times.

We may update the Guidelines from time to time at our discretion.

DOs for posting content and participating in the community

  1. Be respectful when commenting or messaging other members of the community.
  2. Use the platform to create and post only gaming-related content that is suitable for a 13+ community.
  3. If you are posting non-original content, make sure to add a NOG to your title and cite the source in your comments.
  4. If you notice any user being disrespectful of the community guidelines, feel free to report their comments, videos or profiles or reach out to our team (they are members with “Mod”, “Curator” or “Admin” badges).

DONTs for posting content and participating in the community

The following type of content in any form (videos, comments, profile images, usernames, direct messages, and/or profile biography) are considered PROHIBITED MATERIALS and will not be allowed on the platform:

  1. Spam;

  1. Impersonation and copyright infringement: Use of unauthorized images, videos, or recordings of any third party while claiming them as yours;
  2. Violent and graphic content: Violent material not captured in video games, including but not restricted to excessively graphic voice-overs, disturbing images and videos of humans, animals, anime, etc;
  3. Sexual content: Content that displays genitalia or sexual intercourse, including any voice-over content, imagery, and/or graphics that discusses genitalia and/or sexual intercourse of any form;

  1. Privacy Infringement: Content and/or comments that violate any person’s right of privacy and/or publicity;

  1. Explicit or illegal content: Any unlawful and/or illegal content (such as material that promotes, provides, or encourages terrorism, illegal drugs, unlawful weapons possession, and hate groups);

  1. Promoting Hate & Defamation: Content that incites hate or violence against an individual or group based on (but not restricted to) race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability;

  1. Bullying or Harassment;

  1. Suicide, self-harm and other life-threatening activities.

About Video Game Ratings

We currently allow most video games to be used to capture Game Content on our Platforms. This includes most video game ratings.

However, we do not allow any Game Content to be posted from any video game that is rated “Adult”.

You agree that video game ratings are voluntary ratings by third party video game companies. You agree that not all Game Content displayed on the Platforms may be suitable for you and/or any particular User. You agree that if you are under seventeen (17) years of age, that you have the permission of your parent(s) and/or legal guardian(s) to access any video games that are rated “MATURE”.

Please note that you may not enjoy and/or agree with all of the game content and materials on our platform. You could also be unintentionally offended by some content on the platform. We will use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the game content complies with the above-mentioned community guidelines. HOWEVER, WE CANNOT AND DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT ALL GAME CONTENT IS SUITABLE FOR EVERY USER.

If you come across content that you believe violates these guidelines, feel free to report such content/comments/users by clicking on the 3 dots beside the comment, video or user profile and selecting “Report”. We will review all reported material to determine whether or not it complies with the set terms and conditions. You agree that our decision to remove (or not remove) any reported Game Content and/or comments are in our sole discretion.