Lost Ark


Highlights we detect automatically:
  • Kills
  • Double-Kills
  • Victories

Lost Ark seemingly came out of nowhere, but it is now one of the most popular games in the world. This Korean MMO has had a launch like none other, and fans of games like Diablo 3 and League of Legends flocked to play Lost Ark.

Lost Ark’s original Korean release date was back in December 2019. After its release, the game became available in other Asian markets and was met with great success — but the MMORPG was only just beginning.

This open world game features stunning graphics and animation, with inspiration taken largely from anime-style design and realistic shading. Although you can explore the world and fight plenty of low-level monsters and bosses, Lost Ark also features main story quests and end-game raids.

With ambient sounds as well as a beautiful soundtrack, Lost Ark is the perfect game for anyone looking for a fully immersive roleplay experience. Everything is customizable, from your character’s outfits to their housing to their combat combos.

With the help of Amazon Games, Lost Ark came west in February 2022. Since the game had been live for several years, it was already a polished masterpiece that had much to offer.

The action RPG quickly gained popularity in North America and Europe, with Twitch streamers like Saintone, Stoopzz, and ZealsAmbitions flocking to play it for the first time. The game got so popular that it got the second-highest concurrent player count ever on Steam at 1.32 million players at once.

The multiplayer world is absolutely huge, with limitless things to do. There are five different Lost Ark classes to choose from:

  • Assassin
  • Gunner
  • Mage
  • Martial artist
  • Warrior

Plus, there are 17 different advanced classes, or specializations, that you can take on, such as paladin, sorceress, and shadowhunter.

There are multiple continents across Arkesia with all sorts of content to enjoy, from Chaos Dungeons to PvP modes. Lost Ark is one of those games where you can always find something new, no matter how many times you’ve played it.

What Is Powder for Lost Ark?

For gamers who love Lost Ark and games like it, it’s always nice to be able to show off your achievements. Whether you come in clutch and want to show your friends or you want to put together a full video of winning clips, Powder PC has your back.

Powder is an AI software that automatically clips big Lost Ark moments in-game so that you don’t have to worry about it. Our AI is trained to detect important achievements and critical gameplay moments and can even clip moments based on sound. If you get loud over a sick win (or even just a funny moment), Powder will capture it without you having to lift a finger.

With one simple click, you can effortlessly stitch your favorite clips into a share-worthy montage of your winning moments. If you’re a streamer, you can even create montages from the highlights of your hours-long streaming sessions. Plus, you can easily convert the format of your montage from vertical to horizontal with the click of a button.

Highlights we detect automatically:

  • Kills
  • Double-Kills
  • Victories

How Can You Use Powder for Lost Ark?

Using Powder is incredibly easy. If you can clear the Brelshaza Raid, this is no sweat. Simply head to our website to download the free app. Then set up a free account, finalize a few settings like resolution and recording time, and start playing.

Launch Lost Ark through Powder to automatically record your Kills, Double-Kills, Victories, and other epic moments, ready to be shared on social media at the end of each session!

You can clip Lost Ark highlights manually, too, using hotkeys of your choice.

So check out Powder today to effortlessly clip the best moments from your favorite games. You can share your Lost Ark gameplay highlights casually with your friends or use our one-click montage feature to create full gameplay videos. The choice is yours!