Game Together: Top 9 Ways to Find Gaming Friends

Explore top ways and apps to find gaming friends. Connect, play, and build lasting friendships in the world’s most popular multiplayer games.

Game Together: Top 9 Ways to Find Gaming Friends

Over the last decade, gaming has evolved from a solo session in which you’d play a video game for a few hours and go about your day, to a global phenomenon and vibrant social activity to gather and build new friendships in the digital realm.

The massive increase in the popularity of multiplayer video games also led to this as everyone wants to play their favorite online game with their friends. At Powder, we make it easy for gaming content creators to clip the best shorts from their long videos with AI. If you’re still trying to find the perfect friend to game with, you’re in luck, as we have come up with nine ways you can find your next gaming partner.


Duoo is an awesome platform that can help you find new gaming teammates.

Duoo is built to help League of Legends players find perfect duo partners and teammates based on several crucial parameters. These include LoL-specific information such as rank, role and champion, while also including general preferences such as spoken language and player type.

Apart from the traditional LoL ranking system, Duoo allows you to see how good someone is at being a teammate by using a custom rating system. This rating system calculates an overall grade on someone’s profile that’s based on reviews other players left after playing with that person.

One of the best aspects of Duoo is that you don’t have to use the website to make the best out of it as it’s completely Discord integrated. By adding the bot Miko, to one of your servers, you allow the users to use all of Duoo’s functionality without ever leaving Discord.

Matching up with Duoo allows you to effortlessly find gaming friends in only a few clicks.

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In-game friendships

The main advantage of adding people you randomly stumble upon in a multiplayer lobby is the fact that you already know you share a common interest in a specific video game. PUBG buddies for life!

We know how players can get frustrated with the unwanted outcomes in some games–and adrenaline often overpowers the urge to acknowledge the talented teammates they’ve encountered along the way. Similarly, adding opposing players is also an anomaly these days as there can be an onset of uncalled “trash talk”.

Even though at the end of some matches you may feel annoyed, you should rise above the competitive nature of some of these games and add people that you’ve enjoyed playing with, regardless of the game’s outcome. Hint: Throwing in a few GGs always helps!


It should come as no surprise that the most popular voice communication tool for gamers is also one of the best ways to meet new like-minded players.

Discord is separated into themed servers with the majority of those servers acting as vibrant individual communities that allow you to meet many new gamers at once. People can even stream to their communities there. Additionally, these servers often host themed nights and events with the primary focus on user interaction and casual fun among the server’s members.

Discord’s neat interface allows you to interact with the members of the servers directly by messaging them privately or through specific text/voice channels that you can join. The text and voice channels are categorically separated which means that you get to join a cool LFG channel if you’re looking for new teammates. In our Powder server, for example, we have 73K+ members exchanging their daily thoughts and gaming routines.

Last but not least, Discord’s roles are very useful in the process of narrowing down your search as well, making it one of the best apps to find gaming friends that play a specific game you do or play on the same server.

Local game stores and gaming cafes

Unlike the usual methods you’d expect to come across, meeting new players in a social setting is a nice change of pace, especially for gamers who spend the majority of their free time in front of a screen.

The biggest selling point of this method is the fact that you get to physically meet people instead of just talking to them over a voice app, which leads to a higher chance of a friendship outside of gaming.

In recent times, game shops and especially gaming cafes have become a place where gamers meet and enjoy playing video games outside of their living rooms. These places aren’t just another place where you can play video games, they’re communities where people forge new friendships over shared hobbies and interests.

Additionally, gaming stores and cafes host local tournaments and events as well, allowing you to interact with complete strangers while playing your favorite video games.

Gaming conventions

Attending gaming conventions is another IRL method of meeting new gaming teammates and it’s an exciting way to find gaming friends that share your passion for gaming. There are hundreds of these events hosted frequently across the globe that create a vibrant atmosphere for the players that are attending.

These gaming conventions provide you with plenty of networking opportunities as the attendees share their experiences, opinions, and strategies in gaming. By participating in workshops, panel discussions, and meet-and-greet sessions, you will find like-minded gaming friends and make connections with new acquaintances.

They also have extensive expo areas where gaming companies present their latest releases, which is a great opportunity to have a chat and discuss the games with some new friends.

But the best way to make new friends at these conventions is to visit open play zones and lounges. Many of these events have dedicated space for open play where you can jump into games with other friends you meet along the way.

In-built gaming platforms

Since everyone wants to find and play video games with friends, console designers created in-built profiles and communities that connect new potential gaming friends.

Starting with Xbox, Xbox Live allows you to create a Gamertag which is essentially your online ID used to connect with other users of the console. By customizing your profile and adding players to your friends list, you can keep track of players you enjoy gaming with and play with them in the future.

PlayStation, similarly, lets you create a PSN ID while allowing you to customize it with avatars and bios. You can join PS communities that share common interests in games which can help you narrow down your search and find gaming friends.

Another non-console gaming platform worth mentioning is Steam as it’s one of the biggest gaming platforms and providers in the world. Its system lets you easily communicate with your gaming friends and track the games they’re playing in real time.

Streaming communities

Streaming is a mainstream phenomenon that surged in popularity in recent years, affecting almost every multiplayer gaming community on the way. It allowed numerous skilled gamers and entertaining personalities to create careers by entertaining their viewers. This has become even more evident now that streamers have ways to earn money streaming games on Twitch. With tools like Powder, streamers can create amazing clips from their streams and post their best moments on socials, which is yet another popular method of finding gaming friends and also potentially earning money.

Apart from providing you with entertainment, you can use the streamer’s chat lobby to interact and talk with other gamers who are watching the stream in real time. This can lead to some extremely entertaining interactions where you’ll have a lot of fun with random gamers if the stream is enjoyable.

If you find someone you want to get to know better, you can contact them through the streamer’s chat or send them a whisper message. Either way, these small interactions with random players can lead you to a completely new friendship.

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Reddit is one of the biggest social media outlets on the planet and it hosts a wide range of gaming-related communities. The best aspect of Reddit is its subreddit system, allowing you to join communities that revolve around certain topics such as a specific video game or gaming in general.

If you’re on an active hunt for people to play with, Reddit is one of the best places to look as there are plenty of subreddits that are specifically designed for finding new teammates such as r/ GamerPals.

Once you’ve found a subreddit where you want to look for players, you can browse the LFG posts or create your own post, allowing players to contact you.

A great aspect of these subreddits is the fact that you can find a large variety of games ranging from popular multiplayer games such as League of Legends to more niche ones such as Civilization V or Starcraft II.

Gaming guilds and clans

Gaming guilds and clans are the beating heart of multiplayer gaming communities and apart from allowing you to meet new players, these groups create a sense of belonging in the digital realm.

Given that multiplayer games rely so heavily on teamwork and collaboration, by joining an in-game guild you will hone your communication skills and interact with other players with similar interests.

These types of in-game communities are found in almost every multiplayer game and they encourage players to share strategies, discuss the game, and play with each other.

Guilds, clans, and clubs are usually based on a similar passion or characteristic that bonds the members together and the friendships you make in these places often extend beyond the gaming realm.

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