6 Battle Arena Games Like League of Legends

Want a few ideas for battle arena games like League of Legends? Powder has suggestions for ways to expand your gaming experience.

6 Battle Arena Games Like League of Legends

There’s no doubt that League of Legends is a banger. If battle arena games are your thing, don’t stop with just LoL — check out other games like League of Legends and expand your gameplay even further.

Let’s talk a bit about what exactly battle arena games are and why LoL has become one of the most successful of that style; then, we’ll give you a few suggestions for other games we think you’ll love.

What Is a Battle Arena Game?

A battle arena game, or a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), is one of the hottest gaming styles.

These games contain a vital element of strategy, as you have to work with your squad (which may consist of people you haven’t met before) to defeat the team you’re playing against.

Because battle arena games are multiplayer, you’ll be playing with actual people against other real people. For many gamers, this adds an exciting dimension to gameplay (and a strong emphasis on teamwork, even with people who think differently from you).

Generally speaking, MOBAs are five-on-five — five players on each side of the arena.

Each character on the team has its own set of abilities specific to whatever class that character may come from. In most MOBAs, there are physical fighters (like knights or bruisers), magical fighters (like mages), and usually ranged fighters (like archers).

Each hero gains experience points, which can be used to level up. MOBAs can get very competitive, so be aware of that before you decide to invest.

Because there is an element of communication in MOBAs, some of the people you communicate with may use aggressive language (think about how toxic a heated COD lobby can get). Be aware and use caution if you plan to let minors play.

What Does League of Legends Bring to the Table?

MOBAs are a broad and diverse category of games — what makes League of Legends so unique, and why does it attract so many players?

League of Legends was released by Riot Games in 2009. If the name of that studio sounds familiar, it’s because they’re also behind a ton of other big names in gaming — with the most well-known being Valorant (a first-person hero shooter).

It’s a game company with a reputation for making complex, exciting games and characters with depth.

So how do you play League of Legends?

Like most MOBAs, League of Legends involves two teams of five people (called “champions”). There are more than 140 champions, each with unique abilities and strengths.

Your team’s primary goal is to destroy the other team’s base, take down towers, secure kills, and generally wreak havoc. Sounds simple, right? While the premise is pretty simple, the game is far more complex than you’d think — and people have been playing for a long time, so many players are just absolutely cracked.

League of Legends even branched out into the wide world of television with its 2021 Netflix series, Arcane, which was recently greenlit for a season two.

Being able to turn a single game into a franchise isn’t just a sign of a good game but also a sign of a loyal fanbase. You can bet that LoL will be going strong many years from now.

1. Smite

Always wanted to be a god? Smite, which came out in 2014, allows you to do exactly that — only in MOBA form!

You’ll start by choosing your character — either a god, goddess, or another mythical creature or legendary character (like Cerebus or Lancelot). But you won’t be pigeonholed into just the “traditional” options; Smite really leans in and gives its players plenty of options.

Play as one of multiple pantheons — Egyptian, Polynesian, Yoruba, and many more. This diversity makes for a unique game and ensures that people have representation.

Smite uses a third-person camera perspective, which is different from many of the other MOBAs out there (which use more of a “top-down” POV). This perspective can also make it harder to control the game — as the camera won’t automatically “lock on” to the characters you’re trying to attack.

Smite also updates frequently, offering things called “seasons.” Seasons come with new characters, maps, and other upgrades and details that add to the game in numerous ways.

That means that dedicated Smite gamers will always have something new to look forward to, which keeps the game from getting stale.

2. Dota 2

We love a good sequel — it can take the spirit and best parts of the original game and make it into something even more impressive.

Dota (Defense of the Ancients) 2 is the perfect example of a sequel that outshines the original game, a Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos community-created mod.

Like most MOBAs, Dota 2 consists of two five-stack squads. The goal is to travel to the other team's base and capture their “Ancient,” a large structure inside their base. Dota 2 has been called League of Legends on steroids because it takes the basic form and structure of LoL and just turns the volume up to 10.

However, there are plenty of ways to keep it interesting — there is always more to know about playing the game and ways to improve your skill. But be aware that Dota 2 is complex, so it may be a challenging game to feel comfortable with immediately.

Dota 2 also has a fairly large esports scene, so a competitive group of people is playing it regularly. If you want to spend your time getting better at it, there is plenty of opportunity to join a team and even take it to a professional level.

3. CS:GO

CS:GO, short for Counter-strike: Global Offensive, has been out since 2012 and has a significant cult following.

While it’s not technically a MOBA, it is a first-person hero-shooter game that maintains many of the best elements of multiplayer gaming experiences, which LoL players will love. It’s also not the first game that came out of the franchise, but it’s easily the most popular.

Again, CS:GO involves playing with multiple players divided into teams — the Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. The Terrorists (or Ts) have a goal of planting bombs and/or eliminating the players from the other team.

Once one team wins 16 rounds, they officially win the game. To do that, you need to use multiple skill elements — stealth, crouching, running, and jumping. It takes time to develop these skills, and the best players have been playing for a long time, so don’t beat yourself up if it takes you a while to get the hang of it.

4. Hearthstone

When it comes to gaming, Blizzard has a tight hold on the market. You’ve likely heard of many of Blizzard’s heavy hitters — Overwatch, Diablo, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft being the most recognizable.

However, don’t sleep on one of their other amazing games: Hearthstone. Hearthstone is related to the World of Warcraft, although it is far simpler. But don’t let that simple appearance fool you; Hearthstone is also very fast-paced and strategy-based.

This turn-based game features similar elements to LoL (such as destroying your opponent’s heroes), but in the format of a digital card game. Additionally, Hearthstone features multiple game modes, including multiplayer modes, which are sure to appeal to LoL fans.

Hearthstone is also a collectible card game, using the same lore, characters, elements, and relics as World of Warcraft. If you enjoy playing online, you can also branch out and collect physical cards.

5. World of Tanks

Compared with all the other MOBAs out there, a game about tanks doesn’t sound like the most exciting option.

But there’s a reason that so many people love playing World of Tanks — it’s an award-winning MMO with a realistic point of view that lets you experience what it’s like to drive one of 600 mid-20th century tanks.

You’ll have epic tank battles while teaming up with other players to defeat the other team and capture their base. LoL players will love this twist on the classic capture-the-flag setting — it’s essentially like LoL, but with different features and additional game modes.

6. Heroes of the Storm

We’ve talked some about Blizzard, but did you know they also have a MOBA similar to Kingdom Hearts that features characters from multiple intellectual properties (IPs)? Heroes of the Storm allows them to bring in characters from games like Diablo, Starcraft, and World of Warcraft and put them in a single, easy-to-play (even for beginners) game.

There are 15 different maps to play on, plenty of ways to up your game, and the ability to learn how to play with many other people worldwide. If you’re looking for a good, accessible entrance into the world of MOBAs, Heroes of the Storm should be right up your alley.

The Bottom Line

If you love battle arena games like we do, one game just isn’t enough. Discovering other games like League of Legends can help you hone your specific gameplay style, branch out, and even find new games to stream or be obsessed with.

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