How To Become an Influencer With Your Streaming

Are you a streamer who wants to become a full-time influencer? Read here for the format, tactics, and strategy to make your dream a reality.

How To Become an Influencer With Your Streaming

Many of us out there dream of a way we can make money playing video games. We’ve honed our skills over the years, so maybe we can use those skills to attract some attention online, stream on Twitch, and maybe even make some money.

It’s an amazing goal that will take plenty of work to accomplish, but it can be done. You just need the right strategy, a lot of discipline, a lot of time, and a little bit of luck.

If you’re serious about pursuing a career as an influencer with your streaming, we’re here to set you on the right path. If you follow these tips and strategies, you can set your influencer career up for success.

What Are Some Strategies for Becoming an Influencer?

We have some overall tactics to put in place that can help you get on the right path. These are the pillars of success when it comes to becoming a successful influencer.

Find Your Niche

One of the most important pieces of advice you’ll get as a streamer is to find your niche. This may sound like beating a dead horse, but that’s only because it’s an incredibly valuable concept.

If you’re just starting out, your channel will grow through a small core of fans who fall in love with your content. The die-hard subs who support everything you do are going to spur you on toward greatness, and you can’t do it without them. This is your target audience, and they’ll be at the center of everything you do going forward.

That core fanbase will only develop if you find something that you’re excellent at and lean into it. You’ve got to set yourself apart from the crowd in some way.

Whether it’s one game you make your identity, a style of streaming, a topic of conversation, a type of content, or something else entirely, you need to find something that you’re passionate about and put that valuable content on display.

Develop a Brand

Branding is everything in an online space. You want people to recognize your content when they stumble across it in the wild spaces of the internet. You want to be memorable, and you want your fans to know what to expect from you. Your brand isn’t just what your channels and accounts look like, it’s who you are and the style of content you make.

Therefore, it’s important to take some time to think about your brand. Find out what makes you you and lean into that. Create a consistent product in your content.

Jynxzi is a great example of a streamer with an identifiable brand. He rolls his R’s, kicks his face cam, reviews clips his subs send him, and does it all in character. All of this is a part of his brand, we all know what we can expect from him, and it has become iconic.

Once you’ve come up with your brand identity, it’s time to create visual aspects that reflect that. Create a logo design, pick a color palette to use across all your social media platforms, choose a few fonts you’ll always use, and choose a specific style of photos and visuals you’ll always use. You can even create branding templates to make your workflow easier.

A personal brand will help to make you and your content memorable, which will keep people coming back for more.

Be Consistent

Consistency is everything when it comes to content creation, and that goes for all aspects of your channel. However, the main thing to be consistent with is your schedule.

Stream and put up social media posts at the same time every day or week. Your audience needs to know when and where they can find you online, so you need to set a schedule, stick to it, and communicate it with your fans.

It’s important to go with quality over quantity with your content strategy. Only post or stream as often as you can do it well. It’s better to post and stream less if it means that you can make your content as good as possible.

If that means you only stream a couple of times a week, then do it. You can increase your workload as your platform grows!

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Do Everything With Quality

This should go without saying, but delivering high-quality content to your viewers, followers, and subs is always important. People aren’t just going to watch you because you’re there. Your content needs to give something to them and benefit them in some way.

Make sure your streams look and sound good. Edit your videos well so that they’re seamless and professional. Post relevant content on your social media channels with the right hashtags and a good caption. Prioritize your SEO. And of course, be good at the game you stream!

Your content is your product, and it’s who you are. Make sure that what you present to the world is as good as you can make it. Whatever you do reflects onto you and your brand, so do everything as well as you can.

Cast a Wide Net

Making a living as an influencer on one platform is nearly impossible. Your follower base needs to stretch across multiple platforms if you want to succeed, so make sure you get on every social media that you can. You need to be a streamer, an Instagram influencer, a YouTuber, and more, all at the same time.

There are multiple reasons for this. For starters, not every person who could be interested in your content is on Twitch. There are plenty of people out there who are only on YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok who would love your videos but will never log onto Twitch and watch a stream.

Creating content on multiple social media accounts increases your chance of finding those people, wherever they might be. Building a wide social network is key.

Secondly, this will help your income in the long run. If you want stability and success, having multiple income streams is always a good idea. Making money through four or five social media profiles is far better than putting all your eggs in the Twitch basket.

Stats, Stats, Stats

If you’re trying to get a huge number of followers, you need to know what is working and what isn’t. YouTube Suite, Twitch Studio, and the like all offer a ton of metrics from demographics to watch-time. All of this info can tell you what you’re doing right and what you’re doing wrong.

Take note of as many statistics as possible and use that information to do more of what works for you.

How To Make a Living

You’re not going to become a proper influencer without making money. The more you make, the more time you can dedicate to making content.

Here are some strategies to increase your income from streaming and content creation:

Monetize Your Platforms

On almost every social media platform, you must reach certain thresholds to start making money from ad revenue. If you’re just starting, your first goal should be to reach and maintain those thresholds so you can collect that ad revenue and start making some money.

Go Viral

TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts are an influencer’s best friends. All of those vertical content platforms have algorithms that put your content in front of people who want to see it, so you should be doubling down on those platforms hard.

With a lot of diligence and a bit of luck, one of your videos might just go viral. If that happens, you can see major boosts to your engagement rates and follower count. All of that helps you immensely, so do everything you can to go viral. Follow trends, use popular audio and filters, and make quality videos!

Call to Action (CTA)

Whenever possible, you need to use calls to action when you post content. Sometimes people need to be reminded to like your videos, hit subscribe or donate bits. A simple “remember to hit subscribe if you want to see more” can be the difference that helps you hit your goals and reach more people.

Just remember to avoid patronizing your audience. Keep your CTAs short and sweet, and don’t beg. Be confident, and make sure that your viewers have something to gain through engaging more.


Once you grow your platform to a decent size, you might be able to secure some sponsorships. Brands love to use content marketing to get their products in front of creators’ audiences, and they pay to make this influencer marketing happen.

If you have an active fanbase, reach out to brands and try to get on their PR lists for influencer marketing campaigns. From there, you can start to work out sponsorship deals to collaborate with them, whether that’s affiliate marketing links, product placements on podcasts, sponsored content on Instagram posts, or some other partnership.

There are also a variety of influencer platforms you can get involved with where brands can search certain types of influencers and reach out through there. This is a common marketing strategy.

This is what makes you an official influencer. The digital marketing industry is where you can make the big bucks so you can have a career with your streaming.

Your Path to Social Media Influencer

If you work hard and follow these tips, you can go from your average social media user to micro-influencer to full-time content creator. Your dream to make money doing what you love can become a reality, so keep grinding and find the success that you deserve.

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