How To Get on Brand PR Lists as a Gaming Streamer

Are you a streamer who wants to get sponsored by one of your favorite brands? Read here to learn how getting on a PR list can help you do it.

How To Get on Brand PR Lists as a Gaming Streamer

The life of a gaming streamer is an incredible one. You get to play your favorite games, build relationships with fans, make fun videos, and much more. It’s the life that every gamer dreams about, and if you’re reading this article, you’re likely on that grind as we speak.

But becoming a full-time streamer doesn’t happen by accident. It takes a lot of work to get to the point where your streaming pays for your life. One of the biggest ways to get you there is through sponsorships, and one of the best ways to get into sponsorships is through PR lists.

We’re going to talk about how you can get on a brand’s PR list as a gaming streamer. If you play your cards right, you can tee yourself up for some amazing sponsorships with brands you love and take the next step in your career as a streamer.

What Is a PR List?

Before we review the strategies for landing yourself on a PR list, let’s first talk about what a PR list is and what brands use it for so we can better understand what these companies want from the people they add.

A PR or public relations list is a list of creators that brands partner with to spread the word about their products. If a brand releases a new product, launches a new campaign, or starts offering a new service, they’ll tell the creators on the PR list to spread the word.

Of course, the people on the PR lists are compensated for the advertising they do. However, that compensation varies depending on the size of your platform. Some creators just get sent free or discounted products from the brands, and other large creators get full-blown ad deals.

Types of PR Lists

There are actually two different types of PR lists that brands will have. The first is an influencer list, which we just described above. It’s a list of influencers on places like Twitch, TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and the like. They help spread the word that brands want to get out.

The second type is a media list. You won’t really have to worry about these. Media lists contain different journalists and members of the media who can write pieces about a company’s products in an official publication.

Who Makes PR Lists?

There are plenty of companies out there who handle their own PR and PR lists. Many companies like to be hands-on or simply don’t have the resources to outsource all of their marketing. So oftentimes, the company will make their own PR lists.

But there are also plenty of companies who want there to be a middleman between them and the creators, so they hire a PR company. The PR firm will handle all of the PR lists and facilitate the relationship between the creators and the brand.

What’s the Benefit of Getting on a PR List?

Getting on a PR list is a big step in your career as a streamer. It really marks the start of your relationship with a brand. Even if it’s not financially lucrative at first, it’s a way to get your foot in the door to start building a relationship that could turn beneficial in the future.

Today, a brand might send you a free piece of merch, but later down the line, they could pay you directly to run ads in your stream or on your YouTube channel. And it all starts with getting on that PR list.

What To Do To Get on PR Lists

You can do plenty of things to get on a PR list. But the main thing is to be proactive. It will be incredibly rare for brands to reach out to you to ask you to be on their PR lists. In all likelihood, you’ll have to do the heavy lifting when it comes to establishing that relationship.

So work hard, and be strategic, and if you follow these steps, you might just find yourself on a PR list or two.

1. Create a Media Kit

Brands don’t want just anybody on their PR lists. Remember that your relationship has to benefit both you and the brand, not just yourself. Brands need to know that you have something to offer and that the work they spend on you won’t be in vain.

That’s where a media kit comes in. A media kit is a short document to send to brands or PR firms alongside your proposal. Media kits contain all sorts of relevant information about you that frame you as a potentially beneficial partner for the brand.

You want your media kit to be an accurate and appealing representation of your platform and influence. To that end, here’s what you should include in your media kit.

  • Your logo, channel name, and branding
  • A summary of your content and influence
  • Details on your target audience
  • Your channel’s viewing, follower, and subscription metrics
  • Details about other sponsorship deals you’ve run
  • Your contact information

Data is your friend here. Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, and all other social media provide loads of information about your audience and their watching habits. Use this information to show the brand that people watch you often and that they listen to you.

Even if you have a smaller following, prove to the brand that your following is incredibly devoted and cares what you have to say. A small, loyal following can be very valuable to brands.

2. Find Brands You Love

Especially when you’re first starting out with sponsorships and PR lists, it’s important that you partner with brands that you enjoy and believe in. This will make any ad campaign or partnership far more successful. If your fans can see that you authentically enjoy a product, they’re far more likely to buy it.

Better yet, find brands that you already use, especially if you use them on your stream. Webcams, keyboards, monitors, headsets, gaming chairs, light strips, hoodies—all of these are things you probably already use on stream that could be a perfect company to reach out to about getting on their PR lists.

3. Post About the Brand

Before you ever reach out to the brand about getting on their PR list, you need to make some posts about the brand you’ve decided to reach out to.

Make a post on social media and tag the brand in it. Mention the brand offhand during your stream or YouTube video. You can even do a dedicated review video about a certain product or mention it during a “tour my streaming rig” video.

Organic posts like this show the brand that you care about them and believe in their products. If you do this, brands are much more likely to be receptive to your pitch.

4. Craft a Pitch for the Brand

Now that you’re all prepped, you’re ready to give your pitch to your brand. Remember that you have to take the first step.

When you make your pitch, remember that brands want to partner with creators and channels that align with them. They want to work with people who create content that relates to their product and who share their target audience. So when you craft your pitch, keep it in mind and center it around the supporting data.

It’s best to reach out to these brands via email. You might have to do some digging online to try and find a good contact. Look through LinkedIn to try and find an email address of somebody important in the brand’s marketing or PR department. You want to make sure your pitch falls in front of the right eyes.

Keep your email short and packed with all the information you need. Avoid crafting a long-winded, lengthy email. And, of course, make sure you include your media kit. That will do all of the heavy lifting of convincing.

If you don’t hear back, don’t be afraid to follow up. And if the answer is “no,” don’t be discouraged. Plenty of other brands are out there, and you might still be able to land the deal later once your channel and influence have grown.

Lock Down Those PR Lists

If you follow all of these tips, you can start getting on PR lists and moving toward getting sponsorships that can help you become a full-time streamer. This is an incredibly important step in your career that often goes overlooked, but taking the time could be an incredibly important piece of your path to success.

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