Influence Podcast, Ep. 1: Claudio Lima Unveils the Future of Influencer Marketing in Gaming

Influence Podcast, Ep. 1: Claudio Lima Unveils the Future of Influencer Marketing in Gaming

In our inaugural episode of the 'Influence' podcast, we sit down with Claudio Lima, a pioneering force in gaming influencer marketing and the visionary CEO of DRUID Creative.

Lima shares his extraordinary journey from traditional advertising to revolutionizing marketing in the gaming world. This episode offers a rare glimpse into how gaming has emerged as a dominant force in influencer marketing, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

Lima discusses the transformative role of AI, running campaigns on social media platforms and building in-game experiences, and the intricate dynamics of influencer-brand relationships in the gaming industry.

From how to reach Gen Z and Gen Alpha audiences to which platforms are really the best to stay on top of trends and how liveshopping can transform how brands and influencers interact, this episode is full of insights from an expert in everything gaming and influencer marketing.

Check out the full video podcast on YouTube below:

Influence Podcast: Ep. 1 | Claudio Lima.

Listen to the audio version:


[00:00] Introduction to Claudio Lima and the 'Influence' podcast.

[01:45] How Claudio Became a Trailblazer in Gaming Influencer Marketing.

[5:00] AI's Pivotal Role in the Evolution of Gaming and Influencer Marketing Strategies.

[10:30] What Makes a Great Creator?

[12:30] The Best 3 Social Media Platforms for Staying on Top of Trends

[17:00] How Do You Speak to Gen Z and Gen Alpha Audiences?

[19:00] Gaming Influencers Are Powerful Because They're Relatable

[21:00] Predicting the 2024 Trends in Influencer Marketing: Liveshopping

[24:30] The Art of Building Successful Brand-Influencer Relationships in Gaming.

[28:00] Practical Tips for Influencers and Marketers in Gaming.

[35:10] Wrapping Up: Key Insights and Takeaways.


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