Influence Podcast, Ep. 3: Content Creation Strategies for Gaming Streamers with Grace Mason of Sway Creations

Influence Podcast, Ep. 3: Content Creation Strategies for Gaming Streamers with Grace Mason of Sway Creations

Welcome back to Influence, the Powder podcast that dives into the heart of influencer marketing in the gaming industry. In our third episode, we're thrilled to welcome Grace Mason, the co-founder of Sway Creations, which helps influencers and brands with video editing, custom graphics, stream branding, post-production & other marketing tactics to help them stand out and grow.

In this episode, Grace opens up about her journey from streamer to professional video editor and gaming and sports talent manager, offering an exclusive look into the strategies that have made Sway Creations a beloved partner for creators like LuckyShots and Dee Rock and athletes like NFL runningback AJ Dillon to thrive online.

She walks us through the ins and outs of creating content that clicks, and managing a long, fruitful streaming career without burning out.

From how to build your followers from 0 to 100 to how to identify creator burnout and why you absolutely must post short-form videos on all - yes, all - of the social media platforms after your streams, check out the full video podcast on YouTube below:

Listen to the audio version:


00:00 Introduction and Background: Grace Mason of Sway Creations

01:10 Getting First Clients

02:45 Differences Between Professional Athletes and Gaming Content Creators

04:10 What Makes a Great Stream? A Great Streamer?

05:18 Coaching Professional Athletes in Live Streaming

06:55 The Importance of Live Streaming vs. Short-Form Content

09:45 Balancing Live Streaming and Creating Short Form Content

11:20 The Challenges of Live Streaming for Many Hours

14:20 How to Get the Most of Your Stream Time

17:00 How to Go from 0-100 Subscribers

18:00 Networking and Collaborating with Other Streamers

20:15 What Creators Should Consider Before Their First Brand Campaign

23:32 Managing Time and Energy Effectively to Avoid Creator Burnout

27:00 Gaming Content Creation Trends: IRL Live Streaming

30:15 Skills for Success as a Video Editor

31:00 Skills for Success in Talent Management

33:04 Tips for Creators on Negotiating with Brands

35:00 How to Pick the Right Team (Video Editor, Agent)


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