The Three Top Twitch Streamers & How They've Grown Success

How did the best Twitch streamers find success on the platform? Read here to learn how your favorite streamers rose to fame and how you can too!

The Three Top Twitch Streamers & How They've Grown Success

Twitch is an incredible platform that has given so many people the chance to make a living doing the things that they love. Today, creators like Auronplay, Summit1G, FPS_Shaka, and more have been climbing the ranks doing just that.

However, becoming the next KaiCenat, Alanzoka, or Rubius doesn’t just happen. It takes a ton of skill, a ton of work, and a ton of luck. That said, many of the top streamers took practical steps to grow their platform, and you can emulate those steps to find success for yourself.

Today, we will look at some of the stories of the top all-time streamers on Twitch. By looking at their stories, we hope to uncover some of their secrets to success so you can implement those tactics for yourself.

Keep reading to learn the stories of some of the most popular Twitch streamers of all time and some practical steps you can take to grow your channel.


Let’s start out with the hottest streamer on the market right now: Jynxzi. Jynxzi won two 2024 Streamer Awards for Gamer of the Year and Best Breakthrough Streamer. Jynxzi has been on the platform for quite some time, but throughout 2023, the Florida native’s popularity exploded on Twitch, landing him with the most subs on Twitch by a significant margin.

Jynxzi’s Story

Jynxzi’s rise to Twitch fame is a story of hard work and dedication. Jynxzi first launched his Twitch channel in 2019. Like so many novice streamers, Jynxzi started out live streaming to only a handful of people. For the first year of his channel, he averaged just four viewers and only had a peak viewership of 23.

Despite the lack of success, Jynxzi stuck to his guns and streamed diligently. In that first year, he was live for over 500 hours. In 2020, Jynxzi’s foundations started to grow. By staying consistent and diligent with his streaming habits, he grew to around 500 average viewers by the end of the year.

This gave him a solid base from which he could expand. His core group of fans spread the word and his content around social media. Throughout 2021 and 2022, he saw consistent growth, landing him at around 400,000 followers by the end of 2022.

This whole time, Jynxzi’s content never really changed. He consistently streamed his favorite game, Rainbow Six Siege, which was considered by many to be a dying or dead game. He never messed around with games like Valorant, Call of Duty, or Counterstrike (CS:GO).

In 2023, Jynxi experienced some of the most rapid growth any Twitch streamer has ever seen. He began to post more regularly on TikTok and YouTube, where his hilarious, loud, and belligerent content made massive waves. Dozens of his videos went viral, especially his reviews of subscriber clips.

By April, he officially became number one on Twitch with about 75,000 subscribers, and he has gained tens of thousands more since then along with a total of 5.1M followers.

Takeaways From Jynxzi

We can take away a few big things from how Jynxzi rose to fame. The most glaring element of success for this creator is his undying grit and diligence in his craft. Even when he barely got any viewers initially, Jynxzi was putting his all into Twitch, streaming almost every day with the same energy and tenacity.

Jynxzi is also a fantastic example of the power of short-form content on platforms like TikTok. He has over six million followers and over 175 million likes across Twitch and YouTube, undoubtedly contributing to his growth.

Jynxzi is also a testament that content is king. This streamer never balled out on the nicest gear for his streaming setup. He opts for a strange camera angle, has no lighting design, and his gamer chair is a dining chair his mom got at a garage sale.

What sets Jynxzi apart is his personality. He leans into his sense of humor and the strange character he puts on while streaming. He found something unique about himself and made it the focal point of his stream. People love the authenticity, the uniqueness, and everything that is Jynxzi.

Find your niche that you’re passionate about and lean into it. Do you make Spanish content like Ibai? Do you love a game that’s not that popular? Do you have a unique idea that nobody else is doing? Create your identity and stay true to who you are. People will latch onto it.


Although Ninja isn’t quite at the top of the leaderboards in the way that he once was, there was a time when Ninja was at the center of the Twitch universe, and he is still pretty much a household name in the gaming community.

Ninja’s Rise

Ninja began his gaming career back in 2009, competing in Halo tournaments. He had a successful career and eventually launched his YouTube channel in 2011. He would begin streaming and playing video games like Halo and PUBG over the next few years with decent, but not incredible, success.

Ninja’s popularity came into its full form with the release of Fortnite. Ninja jumped on the Fortnite bandwagon and consistently wowed his viewers with his incredible reflexes and skill in the game. As Fortnite grew, Ninja grew with it.

In 2018, he became the first streamer to reach three million followers. He then quickly broke another Twitch record, amassing 628,000 concurrent viewers in a stream where he played a few rounds of Fortnite with hip-hop superstar Drake.

Since then, Ninja has been at the top of the streaming game. He has left Twitch several times in recent years for various reasons, which may have hurt his follower and sub count. However, make no mistake: Ninja’s name will forever be etched in Twitch history.

What To Learn From Ninja

Ninja’s story shows us a few different strategies for growing your channel. For starters, it’s super important to follow trends. Ninja jumped on the Fortnite train quickly and did so in a way that dominated the space.

We might not know his name today if he hadn’t hopped on the bandwagon and taken the reins. Whether it’s a popular new game or a new TikTok video format, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse of the trends in your space on the internet.

Ninja is also proof that collaborations work. Whenever you can, work with other streamers, creators, or influencers to overlap audiences and benefit each other. Ninja’s Drake stream made his career. You never know when a collaboration could take you to the next level.


Now, we turn to the biggest female streamer in the world: Pokimane. Imane Anys, commonly known as Pokimane, has consistently been at the top of Twitch for years now. She has a deeply loyal fanbase who follows her and supports her on whatever platform she finds herself on. It came as a great surprise when the famous Twitch streamer announced her departure from the platform in February of 2024.

The Journey of Pokimane

Pokimane has a bit of an interesting story when it comes to her rise on Twitch. She was always a gamer, growing up playing League of Legends and a few MMORPGs. But Anys never saw herself as a Twitch streamer. She stumbled into it as a hobby and found more success than she ever imagined.

Pokimane was a student at McMaster University studying Chemical Engineering when she started her Twitch channel in 2014. She started streaming as a hobby to take a break from her studies, but it quickly became a big success, and Pokimane felt a lot of pressure to work hard on both her studies and her streaming.

Two years into her streaming journey, she was making enough money to pay for her schooling and then some. The burden of balancing the two became too great, and she eventually decided to drop out and pursue streaming full-time.

Since then, Pokimane has ridden her success as well as a streamer possibly can. She hopped on popular games like Fortnite and Among Us, where she saw massive growth. However, the streamer has been consistently growing since her beginnings. She has found lots of success with other games like Overwatch and Valorant.

Pokimane has also created and invested in several business ventures to diversify her brand outside of just streaming. She is a co-founder of OfflineTV, a popular network of creators. She also collaborated with Fortnite to do a takeover event with NBA star Josh Hart.

Pokimane also became a Twitch Ambassador, becoming one of the primary faces of the platform. She helped make videos for the Twitch Creator Camp and so much more. She also has a very successful YouTube channel and is now the creative director of the fashion brand Cloak. She even started a podcast with xQc, another famous streamer who streams on Kick.

Lessons From Pokimane

The biggest thing to learn from Pokimane is that the career of a Twitch streamer should not only take place on Twitch. Sponsorships, partnerships, business ventures, and other platforms are incredibly important.

If you start to find success, it’s important to think of ways to leverage that success to diversify your income streams and solidify your brand in the minds of your audience. Whether this is getting brand sponsorships or starting your own company, spread your influence as far as you can.

Learn From Your Heroes

There are tons of different types of content creators on Twitch. From massively skilled shooters like Shroud, political commentators like HasanAbi, or lovable personalities like CaseOh, there are tons of people to learn from.

At the end of the day, to become a successful streamer, you need to stay dedicated, find your niche, keep your finger on the pulse of the gaming world, and ride that success once you find it. It’s a tough puzzle to piece together, but if you stay diligent, you might just find yourself making money playing the games you love.

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