Influence Podcast, Ep. 4: How Creators & Agencies Grow Together with Reed Trimble

Influence Podcast, Ep. 4: How Creators & Agencies Grow Together with Reed Trimble

Welcome back to Influence, the Powder podcast that dives into the heart of influencer marketing in the gaming industry. In our fourth episode, we welcomed Reed Trimble, VP Partnerships at Bad Moon Talent, a gaming influencer talent agency designed to help creators thrive and grow.

In this episode, Trimble talks about breaking into the industry, how creators can scale their efforts and audiences, how agencies can go the extra mile for the talent they represent, and what trends to look out for, including early perspectives on TikTok Shop.  

From identifying emerging talent, to cultivating sustainable, meaningful relationships between agents, talent, and brands, and how to approach the latest technologies, check out the full video podcast on YouTube below:

Listen to the audio version:


[00:00] Introduction and Background in Sports

[03:00] Finding Opportunities in Esports

[07:15] Identifying the Right Talent for Brands

[10:30] Advice for Creators

[13:40] Cultivating Talent with Coaching and Support–from 20K to 1M

[18:00] Unconventional Matches Between Brand & Creator: Dyson Case Study

[22:30] Short-Form Video and 360 Influencer Strategies

[24:30] Increasing Focus on TikTok

[25:30] The Trend of Gaming vs. Gaming Lifestyle Influencers

[30:00] Going the Extra Mile for Influencers

[33:00] TikTok Search, TikTok Shop, and Social Commerce

[36:45] Advice for Influencer Agents & Marketers in 2024


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