Influence Podcast, Ep. 6: Evolution of Content Creation Then and Now with Phil Ranta

Influence Podcast, Ep. 6: Evolution of Content Creation Then and Now with Phil Ranta

Welcome back to Influence, the Powder podcast exploring the ins and outs of gaming influencer marketing and the creator economy with the people who know it best. Our sixth episode welcomes Phil Ranta, CEO of Spree, who helps us understand the fascinating journey of content creation from its early days to the present and where it's going next.

Join us as Ranta shares his wealth of knowledge and experience, offering invaluable insights and advice for both seasoned creators and those just starting out. From the importance of cultivating genuine connections with audiences to the emerging trends like shoppable video and the hidden potential of platforms like Snapchat, Rantaprovides a comprehensive overview of the creator economy, past, present, and future.

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[00:00] Introduction and Background

[04:26] The Moment Phil Knew How Important Content Creators Would Be

[06:28] The Early Days of the Creator Economy (Before 2010)

[08:45] Trends in the Creator Economy Today

[10:30] The Failure Phil Has Learned The Most From

[12:15] Strategies to Grow Gaming Creator Programs

[15:30] The Big Questions Creators Are Asking Themselves About Platforms and Monetization Potential

[18:00] How AI Will Affect Content Creation

[18:45] How to Outpace with AI with Authenticity

[19:00] Build Your Own Brand and Mitigate Risk as a Content Creator

[20:00] How to Sell on Your Channel Without It Feeling Sales-y

[23:00] Making Content Creation a Career

[24:30] Separating Reality from Fiction in Shoppable Content

[26:00] Why Marketers Need to Be Scrappy

[27:30] TikTok and the Rise of Shoppable Video

[28:10] Identifying Rising Talent for Shoppable Video

[29:30] How Audiences Are Changing Across Platforms

[31:00] The Potential of Snapchat and Pinterest for Monetization

[33:30] Advice for Making an Impact in Influencer Marketing

[35:00] What a Smart Influencer Marketing Campaign Looks Like

[36:45] Advice for Aspiring Content Creators

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