Influence Podcast, Ep. 7: The Spanish-Language Creator Economy with Fabienne Fourquet

In Powder's Influence Podcast | Ep. 7, 2btube co-founder & CEO Fabienne Fourquet offers invaluable insights for navigating the Spanish-language creator economy.

Influence Podcast, Ep. 7: The Spanish-Language Creator Economy with Fabienne Fourquet

Welcome back to Influence, the Powder podcast exploring the ins and outs of gaming influencer marketing and the creator economy with the people who know it best. Our seventh episode welcomes Fabienne Fourquet, CEO and co-founder of 2btube, to discuss her journey from the TV industry to leading a digital revolution for Spanish-language creators.

From stories about first realizing YouTube’s potential to understanding education, finance, and hard news influencer content , Fourquet provides a holistic view of the current state and future path of Spanish-language digital content, answering the question: What does it take to navigate the Spanish-language creator economy?

Hosted by Powder.

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[00:00] Introduction and background

[01:27] Transition from traditional TV to founding 2btube

[05:00] Evolution of influencer marketing and audience behavior

[09:14] Digital ad spend and influencer marketing measurement

[16:00] Creating a trusted narrative across multiple platforms

[17:00] How to pick a great content creator as an agent and marketer

[21:00] Upskilling on new platforms and keep up with the pace of change

[23:30] Content creators focusing on education, finance, and news

[25:00] Getting information: the paradigm shift for digital natives

[28:00] When everyone is a creator

[31:00] Advice for aspiring content creators

[34:45] Advice for marketers and agents in influencer marketing

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